Difference between html and php programming

For Web designing company in Chandigarh there are HTML and PHP programming are two completely different animals. They don’t fall into the same class of programming at all in the.

Both are web-based programming languages intended for use for hand-coded websites by web designing companies. Out of the two, PHP is the harder of them.

HTML – What is It?

HTML is used to provide markup for content and structure. Therefore, if a section of content is going to be a self-contained paragraph, it will have an opening paragraph tag and a closing paragraph tag before and after it, respectively.

This communicates to the web browser, “Hey! This here is a paragraph…”.

In that sense, the content is ‘marked up’ to communicate to browsers what each bit of content signifies. Similarly, a bolded word will get tags before and after it to confirm it needs this bolding emphasis on the page.

HTML works on all operating systems and platforms. No one owns HTML or has copyright over it. HTML is also static, meaning that a fixed piece of marked up content is sent to a web browser to read, interpret and display on the screen. The HTML doesn’t itself change. It’s like a page of a book in your hand. It’s fixed.

PHP – What is It?

PHP is a true programming language. It runs on the server side at the web server. A PHP script – a file – gets executes when a web browser requests that page. When the script is run, the PHP engine runs through each command within the script and carries out the requested actions.

Actions might be to make a connection to database at the data center to retrieve information about the website visitor. It might be to present the latest special offer, but loop through five different offers and randomly select which one is shown.

A more sophisticated use of PHP and databases might keep a record of which special offers have already been shown to a visitor. They’re identified uniquely based on the cookie text file on their computer and with this system, the same offer isn’t shown more than once.

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PHP must be installed on the web server to be understood. It’s a mainstay of Linux servers – Microsoft servers mostly use ASP and ASP.Net. Commonly, PHP is paired with MySQL database server, though that’s only one possible configuration. Alternatives to PHP include Ruby on Rails, ASP, ASP.Net and other server-side languages.

What is HTML and PHP Used For with best web designing company?

HTML is used to mark up information for a web page. To expand on that, cascading style sheets (CSS) is also commonly used in concert with HTML to dictate how the markup should be presented.

i.e. what font face, font size, and font color should a heading use? HTML confirms which section is a heading and CSS dictates how is should be presented for appearance sake.

PHP is used to create dynamic web pages. This means, unlike HTML which is passed to a web browser and shown on the screen once it’s been prettied up using CSS, PHP runs through a script, takes whatever actions are required on the server side and then outputs some HTML (and maybe CSS) for the web browser to display.

For instance, a PHP page may confirm the order placed, charge the credit card and then output to the web browser whether the billing was successful. HTML cannot connect to a payment processor or pass the information across to bill the credit card. Nor can it know if the billing was successful. PHP is needed for these more advanced features required by websites.

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